TAP Events

Powered by Technology

Events with TAP are powered by technology to seamlessly build a stronger experience for your clients. Whether your objectives are to streamline operations, build a creative experience or drive revenue, TAP's smart technology empowers all of your deliveries, across your events.


Smart Tools

TAP’s smart tools act as personalised smart tickets for your guests. Connect wristbands, badges, stickers or your customised mobile app to give your visitors an easier way to engage and experience your event or venue. 


Onsite Solutions

Sign up for the solutions you need when you need them the most. TAP delivers tools to take care of POS, tokens, attendance, access control, lead engagement, automated lead scoring and more. 


Accurate Data

TAP's primary duty is to ensure the privacy of our clients is paramount. As a registered member of the Information Commissioner's Office, TAP's tools are GDPR compliant and concentrate on putting the analytical power in your hands to make smart decisions.