The modern answer to RFID.

Minimise set up costs and avoid integration headaches with TAP’s RFID tools that are ready to go for your event or venue.


Modular Solutions

TAP responds to attendee, partner and staff needs. Use them all, or just the solutions that work for you.

Customize everything

Skin the platform, personalise mobile event apps, and brand your hardware.

Advanced Encryption 

TAP’s advanced encrypted standards satisfy GDPR compliance and all other legislative requirements.



TAP’s software solutions scale to fit your needs. TAP can be your one-stop-shop, or pull from independent API’s. Pricing is based on a usage bases so you're never paying over and above of what you need.

Software solutions include: Registration, Attendance, Access Control, Lead Engagement, Lead Scoring, Staff Management, Fraud Detection, Token Rewards, Cashless Payments and more.

Get in touch for a free consultation to identify the best solutions to suit your needs. 



TAP’s model now makes it even easier for you, sourcing the best suited hardware for your business. With years of experience across the industry, we know the products, the supply chains and the services each provide. TAP works with our dedicated suppliers to deliver the most robust and flexible hardware devices for your events and venues.